Our daughter Kenna was diagnosed with severe acid reflux at 2 months old.  We tried a lot of solutions to provide her relief, but none were working.  We thought our only option would be to put her on medicine, but then we researched chiropractic care and decided to try that as our final natural attempt.  She was 3 months old when we brought her to Dr. Long and after 2 appointments, the change was drastic.  While she was still spitting up, the pain and arching and fussing had become minimal to none by the end of her first week.  We continue to see Dr. Long for maintenance and are happy with the level of care we receive.  He is great with kids and most importantly we are happy our daughter is happy and healthy!” (K.S.-Clovis, CA)
"Dr. Christopher Long is in my opinion a professional in every way.  He has attended to both my wife and myself and has yet to fail to address each and everyone of our needs." (L.B.-Fresno, CA)
“Not long ago I lived in constant pain in my head, neck and shoulders.  I also had problems breathing, being diagnosed with athletic asthma.  I found that I would use my inhaler several times a week without any result.  Then I met Dr. Long.  After looking at my x-rays, his first question to me was, “Do you have problems breathing?”  I was shocked!!!  My head, neck and shoulder pain, along with my breathing, was all caused from the same issue.  I have not had to use an inhaler once since my first week at Dr. Long’s office.  This is amazing since I play soccer four nights a week.  I feel great!  Thank you Dr. Long.” (C.S.-Clovis, CA)
"I have been to many different Chiropractors and have never been as satisfied as I am with Dr. Chris Long.  He corrects my low back pain so I see him for a monthly maintenance to keep it under control"  (L.B.-Fresno, CA)
“When I first came to Dr. Long, my physical condition went from being almost completely disabled, to near perfect restoration. The pain I was experiencing was unbearable.  I was unable to even stand, lay, sit, or perform any physical activity. It took several weeks to start feeling near normal, but through following his advice and receiving adjustments, I began a return to being able to function as I always had.  My strength returned, as did all my other abilities.  Very scary experience!  I will continue with my treatments, because I don’t ever want to experience that kind of pain and disability ever again.” (J.L.-Coarsegold, CA)
"I remained consistent with care throughout the pregnancies of all three of our children.   Our children were adjusted just shortly after they were born--and continue to be adjusted on a regular basis.  I can confidently say that our faithful visits to Dr. Long are the reason why we are hardly ever sick!" (E.O.-Fresno, CA)
"Dr. Long was so great at helping me get through my pregnancy that we’ve been with him ever since.  Now he adjusts my husband and both of our kids-we are so grateful.  Thanks to him, I am able to cope with the aches and pains of my Fibromyalgia and the constant strain on my back from picking up my children.  We love Dr. Long!”(L.P.-Fresno CA)
"I have been a competitive runner my whole life.
Over the spring of 2010, I started having pain in my left hamstring area. The pain began to have an effect on my running. I went to the doctor and physical therapy, but the pain was not getting any better. In September of 2010 I met Dr. Long at the Clovis Fall Festival.
The next week I went in for an exam and x-rays. I decided to start my care with Dr. Long and have been getting treatments from him ever since.  I am back to my daily running schedule and my times have been fantastic! (R.H.-Clovis, CA)
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